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Awaken with Ingrid

A community built on love as the driving force

It has been proven that feeling a sense of belonging and having a community helps the body, mind and spirit heal in ways modern medicine can't.  It is because we are social creatures by nature. We need other human interaction, touch, laughter, and a sense home to feel whole.

When you join Awaken with Ingrid you will always be received by me and the community with a warm smile, an embrace when you need it and a safe, brave space to be with yourself to explore all you have within.

Benefits include

- Exclusive access to forums to connect with other members

-In person yoga + workshops every weekend ( Virtual for non local members)

-Weekly virtual Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga classes with an open circle for sharing experiences

- Full access to library of Yoga, Meditations, Mindfulness Exercises

-50% off in person pop up classes/workshops

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