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Cafe Caphe


Cafe Caphe is located at 916 E 5th St, Kansas City, MO 64106 nestled between buildings that also represent culture and a love for art and individual expression. One of the first things you notice is the colorful artwork painted along the outside walls. Splashes of orange, red, and yellow fill the space with energy.

Even before you walk through the doors you are presented with openness. The large windows have a message of welcomeness, acceptance and presence. No matter the walk of life you know you are seen and welcome here. Along the inside walls are more intricately designed art pieces representing AAPI culture. Lighting bolts, dragon heads, & tigers are woven into different areas of the space that invite you to want to learn more.

Pride for you who are, what you stand for. Who and what you love are vibrantly echoed in conversations, in the drink menu, and felt all around the space,

Cafe Caphe is a place where a once kindergartner reunited with her teacher 20+ years later by complete accident. Where a graphic artist found community and opportunity to express their creativity and cultural pride. It is a place that has created a family among it's staff. Some being a part of the dream to bring the culture in coffee culture to KC from the very beginning.

You can feel how rooted and tethered every aspect of this coffeeshop is to everything else. Cafe Caphe proves that with the power of love and community. You can create a safe space where you can express who you are boldly and find family along the way.

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