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PH Coffee


PH Coffee is located at 2200 Lexington Ave, Kansas City, MO 64124 in the NorthEast and a hidden gem. There is something special about the way this space welcomes you. Beginning with the coffee itself and the unique flavor pairings that send your taste buds to heaven.

PH makes you feel a part of a family by knowing how to give you space and community all in the same time. With an open layout, chairs and tables can be combined for big gatherings or get you set up for a zoom meeting. It's never too loud and never too quiet. It is truly a space created with community at the forefront. Light fixtures pose ready for action near the chimney for open mic's and other late night events. The staff has had the opportunity to add a pop of themselves throughout the space by adding globes and touches of their personality sprinkled around the space.

PH is a place where newcomers find family and community. Where a mom frequents nearly on a daily basis with her little family because it feels like home. Having left everything behind in Florida and not knowing a soul PH has become a place that makes her feel safe, seen and welcomed. Children are welcomed to join in the fun of the coffee experience without feeling out of place, and eventually become a part of the family.

PH is exactly what a coffeeshop in a tight knit neighborhood sounds like it would feel like. Warm, open, and inviting. You can come as you are, be who you are and be celebrated. Love lives here. You can taste it in every sip of coffee and see it in every smile when you walk in the door.

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