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Quien Soy

Who is Ingrid B?

I am living a human experience that's been filled with many ups and downs. Grief, losses, heart breaks and everything in between. As a first generation immigrant on DACA, I struggled with my identity and what it meant to be alive in this world.

From struggling with body image, depression, self esteem, racism, and other insecurities I've learned to love the body and life I live. Now I want to help people see the light in themselves and overcome these invisible barriers we live within our minds.

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How you can take care of YOU

Are you curious about yoga, meditation and spirituality and how they can help you feel better, but have no idea where to start?

Join me in a class and explore!
I offer:
Yoga Classes
- Meditation Classes
- Breathwork Sessions


Still not Ready?

Embracing something new is exciting and scary. I understand, it can be a lot. Remember that so long as you can take a breath, there is opportunity for transformation.

Purchase your copy of

Live Intentionally: A guidebook to living thoughtfully in 30 days
for $24.99 now!

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"Ingrid's guided meditation truly changed my opinion of meditation for the better. I started out as someone who didn't believe meditation had real benefits and didn't trust the process. Ingrid's calming and peaceful voice alone helped me to relax enough to trust the process and now meditation is part of my daily self-care and wellness routine."

Rikki B.


"Whenever I'm having a bad day, I find myself going to Ingrid's mindfulness videos. They tend to calm me, relax me, and change my perspective on whatever I was having a bad day about. "

Jazmin Z.

mermaid photo.jpg

Ingrid’s meditation tools have helped me silence my mind and focus on the reality and not the “what if”. I didn’t believe in mediating because I never thought I had the ability to start my day off with mindfulness. I was the definition of “ wake up and go”. Ingrid has helped me calm my mind, soul & spirit. Thankful for this awakening and my journey to having a peace of mind. 

Ariel B.


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