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Voyage KC and I catch up

Canvas Rebel

Jun 26, 2023

Meet Ingrid Perez- Esquivel

We were lucky to catch up with Ingrid Perez- Esquivel recently and have shared our conversation below.

Ingrid, looking forward to hearing all of your stories today. If you had a defining moment that you feel really changed the trajectory of your career, we’d love to hear the story and details.

Shortly after completing my 200 hour yoga certification I applied for another scholarship opportunity to further my knowledge and explore different ways of moving the body. Yoga sculpt seemed to be a very popular class people enjoyed taking and I wanted to see what it was all about. I had no idea it would change everything for me.

Yoga sculpt is all about resilience, endurance and having fun. You’re in a room heated up to 91+ degrees holding yoga poses to upbeat music with weights in your hands. In no other fitness class have I ever sweat that much and enjoyed it the way I do.

Growing up overweight and full of insecurities nestled into my brain from childhood abuse. I cringed at the idea of being in public places and moving my body. Looking at myself in a mirror sent me running out of places.I felt embarrassed about how I felt and never felt I could relate to my friends in those feelings of inadequacy. Almost like my body wasn’t deserving of wellness because it was broken because it was fat and struggled to lose weight to have the perfect slim body. The moment I started chipping away at the root of my insecurities and found self compassion through Buddhism my perspective of my mindbody connection changed. It was through the practice of yoga that my mindset and demeanor began to transform. I was not longer concerned with what my body may look like to others in a yoga studio. I found courage to practice in a sports bra and fall on my face trying to do poses that most people think fat people can’t do. Over time the more I practiced, the more patient, loving, and strong I became. Both mentally, and physically.

As I went through various trainings and continued to practice yoga I found myself building a different kind of confidence. Having never taken a yoga sculpt class I eagerly signed up for the scholarship to earn the certification and was in training mid April. I had no idea what I was in for.

Throughout those 5 weeks I awakened something inside of me that was waiting for it’s time to shine. My energy had to be high. My words had to be encouraging, and I had to be motivating enough to make people not quit. In all the anxious nerves one can have when they’re up for a first performance. With sweaty palms and a fast beating heart, I got off my mat on Mother’s Day 2023 to guide a room full of friends and family of my graduating class of teachers in movement. Once I stepped to the front of the room my nerves disappeared. I felt light, in control and full of energy. Something shifted in me during my moment to shine. I gave myself permission to “be”. I got out of my own way and entered flow. The words came out of me naturally, my energy lit up the space. People began to smile and let their guard down to enjoy moving in their bodies without thinking about it too much. I realized then that I had something special to give to the world.

I had become the person I wish I had growing up and in my young adult years when it came to fitness and wellness. I never saw people who looked like me lead in movement so it discouraged me to try or I felt like I immediately would fail. I had fed into the notion that only thin people could move and be happy. After all, every time I tried to move my body I felt miserable. Out of breath and ashamed. I know that feeling all too well. This is why my words and energy impact people. I lived in that mindset for a very long time, I know how consuming it can be. But I also know now how liberating it can be to transform it. Standing in front of a room full of strangers with a smile on my face in crescent lunge holding weights in my hand staring at my reflection I knew I’d won.

I’d transformed my childhood trauma into strength. I was now using all my experience to aid others on their journey to self love through movement. Yoga sculpt training allowed me permission to take up space, build confidence and ultimately find my voice as a movement facilitator. I cannot wait to high five my students on their way out of class knowing I made an impact in their life that day.

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