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Kinship Cafe


Kinship Cafe is located at 719 N 6th St, Kansas City, KS 66101 at the corner of Ann Ave and N 6th st lives an energy that welcomes all that enter. In the heart of the neighborhood of Strawberry Hill in KCK Kinship Cafe serves as a space for community to connect and prosper. As you walk in the door, you can almost always find TJ, the owner of Kinship behind the counter, taking a meeting at a free table, or chopping it up with customers. Always with a welcoming smile and a deep desire to create harmony in the space.

The love for community and passion to create opportunity for black artists is showcased all throughout the space. An entire wall is dedicated to creatives, artists and BIPOC people who are getting started branding their product. TJ has a deep desire to elevate the black dollar and create space to thrive as a whole.

Kinship is a place where out of towners visiting from NYC stroll in to take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee before their departure. It is a place where you can find staff engaging in powerful conversations about equality, and scifi books all int he same breath. It is a place that serves as a refuge for creatives and artist to feel at home. A space where artists feel seen, heard and appreciated. Some may take a meeting, while others use the open window format to dive into their craft and melt into the energy of flow.

Kinship is a place where friends who no longer are neighbors can come together and reconnect now living cities apart over a warm cup of coffee. There are many energies that walk into Kinship every day. Those energies are the ones that either need their cup filled or have enough to share. Either way, you know that when you walk through those doors, just like their windows. Their heart is always open to receive you with love.

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